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What is Permanent Eyeliner?

Permanent Eyeliner, also known as micropigmentation, is a tattoo. Your artist will carefully draw on your desired style of eyeliner and use a very small needle to custom create an eyeliner to suit your personal style and eye shape. 

Permanent Eyeliner will fade overtime, but it is not likely to completely fade away. 

Here at Brow Envy we do everything in our power to keep your eyeliner as black as possible for as long as possible. We use warm blacks, and we modify using either red or orange to reduce the risk of your eyeliner changing colors. 

If you have had permanent eyeliner in the past, and it has changed colors it is likely time for a refresh. 

  1. Clients with Glaucoma
  2. Clients who use lash growth serums regularly. If you have just started, or use it a few times per month you will be fine. But more than once per week and you need to wait a minimum of 3 months for regular, or 12 months for Latisse
  3. Clients with active Blepharatis, styes, or infections. 
  4. Clients must be 6 months post Blephroplasty.
  5. Clients who have had recent eye surgery (within 6 months) need medical clearance. 


  1. Swelling and sensitivity. 100% of clients are puffy after treatment. 
  2. Corneal Abrasion from wiping or getting numbing in the eye. Most often associated with clients opening their eyes when they shouldn’t. 
  3. Ink migration if tattooed too deep. This is artist error. 

Long Term:

  1. Dry eyes – Having eyeliner tattooed may increase your risk of developing dry eyes. This usually only happens if the artist is too aggressive and implanting pigment deep into the tarsal plate.
  2. Changing shape as it ages. Our eyes change shape. This is normal, and part of why you need periodic touch-ups. 

Here at Brow Envy, we numb our clients before and many times during service. This is to ensure the most pleasant experience possible.

However, some clients still struggle with the service. This is not so much pain related, but anxiety due to the proximity to the eyes. 

Most clients report the lash line as the worst, with a combination of ticklish and irritating sensations. 

If you decide you no longer want permanent eyeliner, you will need to go through laser removal.